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We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker for 2020 is Dr. Cara Tannenbaum of the Université de Montréal and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Gender and Health.

Her presentation is entitled: “From birth to death and everything in between: Tackling sex and gender in women’s health research across the lifespan.

View Dr. Tannenbaum’s biography and presentation abstract below.

Dr. Cara Tannenbaum is a professor at the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Université de Montréal. She is also scientific director of the Institute of Gender and Health at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and currently serves as departmental science advisor for Health Canada.

Dr. Tannenbaum has long been immersed in the field of gender and health, including being involved in the EMPOWER trial, aimed at helping older adults discontinue inappropriate medication. Dr. Tannenbaum also led the international “Dare to Age Well for Women” urinary incontinence trial.

A physician specializing in the fields of geriatrics and women’s health, Dr. Tannenbaum’s practice is informed by research and she continually strives for improvements in health outcomes.

She has won multiple prestigious awards for her cutting-edge research, including the Betty Havens Prize for Knowledge Translation in Aging by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Aging and Women of Distinction Award, Health category, from the YWCA of Montreal. She has also been inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

Dr. Tannenbaum studied medicine at McGill University before specializing in geriatric medicine and older women’s health. She received clinical training in women’s health and osteoporosis at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York during her CIHR postdoctoral fellowship. She also completed a master’s degree in epidemiology and biostatistics from McGill University and research training on sex hormones from the University of California in San Diego.

From birth to death and everything in between:
Tackling sex and gender in women’s health research across the lifespan

Women’s health research has evolved from a focus on reproduction and female anatomy to a more holistic view of women’s wellbeing across the lifespan, from cell to society. Attention to both biological sex and multidimensional sociocultural constructs of gender add complexity to research, requiring new methodological and analytical approaches. This presentation will describe how the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health is sparking a paradigm shift in the way sex and gender are incorporated into research, and provide guidance around best practices for applying sex and gender within the fields of women, pregnancy and children’s health research. Using examples from her own research, Dr. Tannenbaum will challenge the audience to redefine criteria for excellence across the spectrum of women’s health research in Canada.